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Breadwallet Support Number:- +1-845-459-2769 USA

Need Of Breadwallet Support Number

Breadwallet is a standalone bitcoin wallet. It is based out of Zurich, Switzerland. Breadwallet is available as Android and ios (including Apple watch) App. Breadwallet has a very simple user interface and it is very easy to use. This wallet is free to use, but a user has to pay some transaction fees over bitcoin transactions. And if you have issues with wallet just call  Breadwallet Support Number and fix all issues.

It differs from all other bitcoin wallets in the way that it performs the transactions instead of sending transaction information to Bread wallet’s servers and then on to the bitcoin network, Breadwallet connects traders directly over the transaction network within the app, which provides the users much more privacy compared to other wallets. Bread wallet doesn’t store users private keys for their account access, So users themselves are the custodian for their all funds all the time.

Although Breadwallet offers a strong level of security, it lacks the 2-factor authentication which makes it less secure than some other cryptocurrency wallets.

Breadwallet needs to have the update for Android users. It has already updated the app for I phone users.

Issue in BTC security:-

Many users have complained that all of sudden their Breadwallet get wiped out. Breadwallet customer support has also not helped them out on this. They have complained that a seed phrase might be stolen, but this implies that Bread wallet needs to improve on its security. In addition to this users are advised not to keep more coins in any of the hot wallets. If you have faced such issue don’t delay contact our Support Number.

Same seed on Different phones:-

Many users have complained that Bread wallet offers the same seed on different phones. This leads to the theft of coins. In addition to this Bread, wallet lacks the feature of multiple addresses too. If you need help on these issues to contact our Breadwallet Customer Support Number +1-845-459-2769

Touch ID Vs PIN verification Issue:-

Many users have faced the issue that whenever they are transferring the coins “Send” option doesn’t work. Every time they have to turn off the touch Id and then after closing the app and opening it again and using a PIN to authorize the transaction, then it starts to work. If you also facing such problems immediately contact our Breadwallet Phone Number.

Synchronization Issue:

Many users especially android phone users have complained that there is a problem with synchronization. It took more than an hour time for many users to sync it. Many users have complained that they need to resync it again and again after reinstallation and key recovery and long sync time is a pain for them.to get help on such issues to contact our Breadwallet support Number.

Breadwallet Support Number is available 24×7 throughout the year. Agents will be available to help with all the issues that occur in the wallet that require support. All you need to have is your customer id, registered email address and registered phone number handy with you.


For detailed info kindly visit the official website:- https://brd.com/ and raise a ticket there.

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